About Us
Quaker Valley Recreation Association, Inc. (QVRA) is a community-based 501(c)3 corporation located about 15 miles northwest of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. QVRA supports youth athletic programs for upwards of 1,000 children from 750 families who live or go to school in or around the Quaker Valley School District.

QVRA currently has operating divisions for:

The primary role for QVRA is to serve as a shared-services platform for each operating division. Tasks such as Field Acquisition and Maintenance, Field Development, Vendor Selection and Management, Marketing and Communications, Player Registration, Document Management, Risk Management, Financial Management and Capital Development are all centralized at the QVRA level.

Each operating division is a member of the QVRA Corporation with its respective President required to provide an annual report to the QVRA Board that outlines its program goals, techniques chosen to achieve those goals, program description by age group, coach training and performance management, etc. QVRA does not dictate how each division should execute its respective program. Instead, it seeks to leave that decision-making at the operational level. However, QVRA holds each division accountable for clearly documenting its approach, defining the metrics it uses to measure success, and reviewing its progress each year.

QVRA is open to any sport or recreational group that serves the community to join its organization. Any sport representative that is interested in discussing this option should contact the acting QVRA President of the Board.