QVRA Board of Directors

The officers of the QVRA corporation sit on the Board of Directors.  Each operating unit is a wholly-owned division of QVRA and therefore the officers of QVRA are also the officers for each operating division.  Each operating division appoints its own operational infrastructure including roles and responsibilities to perform the separate functions of each division.  Typically, the QVRA officers will not have a specific role at the operating division level.  Instead, the operating division leadership will report to the QVRA Board and its officers.

Board elections are held each October during the QVRA annual meeting.  The QVRA Board of Directors meets each month typically on the 3rd Monday.  QVRA participants or general members of the public are welcome to attend any meeting.  The first 30 minutes of each meeting is reserved for business presented by the public.  The final 60 minutes of the meeting are reserved for an executive session of the Board closed to the public.  All requests to speak at a QVRA Board Meeting should be forwarded in advance to the Secretary by sending an email to info@qvra.org.

List of Directors


Officer &
Sub-Committee Roles

Jeff Lipton President /QVSB President
Adam Steinfurth Treasurer
Dr. Joel Swanson
Dr. Joseph Marrone QVSD Representative
Scott Francis
Larry Zamer Capital Committee
Mark Otto QVLax Representative
Aaron Ponzo Communications & Capital
Tom Ray Risk Management
Jean Bley Soccer Representative
Nellie Krause
Lynn Horton Soccer Representative