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memorial day gathering of the quakery valley sports teams


Quaker Valley Recreation Association (QVRA) is a community-based organization that supports youth athletic programs in and around the Quaker Valley School District area. Almost all of QVRA’s efforts are supported through private funding and volunteers.

Lacrosse Goalie with Helmet

The History of QVRA

QVRA was first organized in the 1970s by community volunteers to provide youth baseball and softball programs for boys and girls in the area.

In 1976, Sewickley Area Soccer (SAS) was formed to organize youth soccer programs for the same children within the community.

In July 2006, QVRA and SAS merged into a single 501(c)3. Quaker Valley Softball and Baseball (QVSB) was formed as a wholly-owned division of QVRA to continue the tradition of baseball and softball previously delivered by QVRA.


In 2009, Sewickley Valley Lacrosse (SVLAX) joined the organization and became a wholly-owned division of QVRA.

Board of Directors

The QVRA Board of Directors meet monthly to manage the oversight of each division – QVSB, SAS, and SVLAX. QVRA participants or members of the public are welcome to attend any meeting. The first 30 minutes of each meeting is reserved for business presented by the public.  The final 60 minutes of the meeting are reserved for an executive session of the Board closed to the public.  All requests to speak at a QVRA Board Meeting should be forwarded in advance to the Secretary by sending an email to

 Jeff Lipton - President

 Marc Brondyke - Treasurer

 Joel Swanson - Secretary

 Mike Riordan - QVSB President

 Noah Rahm - SAS President

 Jim Balet - SVLAX President

 Joe Marrone - Director, Fields & Facilities

 Mike Mastroianni - Director, QVSD Representative

 Tom Ray - Director, Insurance & Liability

Annual meeting 1-19-2023
Annual Meeting Archive
Annual meeting 2-28-2022
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