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Coaches & Volunteers

Ready to help? Whether you live and breathe softball or baseball or just want to help support your child’s interest, there is a place for you on the QVSB team. Some options are available below. Should you have questions, feel free to contact us.

Available Positions

Head coach responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

·Required attendance at annual safety meeting and tournament team selection

·Team draft

·Scheduling, organizing, and facilitating team practices and games

Field maintenance

· Uniform selection

Assistant coaches are responsible for:

· Helping the head coach as needed with the responsibilities noted above

· Required attendance at annual safety meeting and tournament team selection


The QVSB commissioners are responsible for acting as the primary supervisor of the teams within their league. They ensure rules are uniform throughout, fields are safe and in condition for play, and communicate any new policies/rules to their coaches.


They are also responsible for organizing the draft, practice schedules, umpire schedules, and presiding over the tournament team selection.

QVSB Operations Committee

This group reports to the QVRA Board and is responsible for creating the policies and rules that not only align with national league rules but also ensures the safety of our youth and fair play.


The group meets monthly but is in frequent contact throughout the spring, summer, and fall seasons. 

If you’re not sure how much time you can commit, start by talking to your child’s coach. There may be additional ways you can volunteer without committing much time. Help is always needed in supervising the dugout, snacks/concessions, keeping score, live streaming the game, base coaching, field maintenance, etc. 

We can’t do this without you!  If you can help, please let us know!  For information, please email

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