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Required Equipment
Boys Equipment


Many choices are available. Other than personal preference and cost, the only deciding factor is whether you will play defense, attack, midfield or goalie. Starting in 5th grade defensemen require a longer shaft, which are relatively affordable and interchangeable. Therefore, if you do not know which position you want to play, purchase the regular shaft initially. Goalie sticks are completely different and you should discuss this with the coach prior to purchasing one of these.


We will not have a team color, however, white is a good, neutral color that can be used at Quaker Valley or Sewickley Academy should the boys move into school teams. Make sure the helmet is the right size, and ask your vendor about a model that can be adjusted as your child grows, avoiding the need to continually purchase a replacement.

Shoulder Pads

NEW TO 2022 SEASON - All players MUST have NOCSAE certified pads. Returning players, please check your pads!  ND200 standard for chest protectors and shoulder pads reduce the risk of cardiac arrest induced impact to the area over the heart.


It’s very important to ensure a good fit. If the gloves are too big, it will make handling the stick more difficult.

Additional Requirements 

  • Armpads

  • Mouthpiece

  • Athletic Support/Cup


  • Cleats

Girls Equipment


Multiple selections are available. The only difference is cost and preference.


Many choices are available that differ in cost and color. At this age, there’s no need to purchase the top of the line. All products are suitable.



  • Lacrosse helmets

  • Gloves

  • Cleats

Please review this link for detailed information.

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