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Our History

A History of the James P. Bouchard Family Park in Bell Acres


In 2007, Quaker Valley Recreation Association (QVRA) signed a lease agreement with the QV School District in when the District found the ground at the park could not support a school building.  The lease runs for 50 years and has a provision that QVRA will build WPIAL-compliant baseball and softball fields.

QVRA quickly developed a plan that included not only baseball and softball fields, but also a turf soccer field, an additional lacrosse/soccer field, a little league baseball field, restroom and concession facilities, playgrounds, and pathways for walking, running, biking, and horseback riding. Finally, a first-class comprehensive recreation facility to serve the entire community!

Many citizens of Quaker Valley’s 11 municipalities made significant contributions toward the campaign, it became even more evident that this was something the community not only wanted but needed.

As work began on the Park, it became evident that vast sums would be required to minimize water runoffs into the Little Sewickley Creek Watershed. QVRA spent $2 million for improved grading and rain gardens.  Since 2013, we have planted approximately 2700 trees with Tree Pittsburgh, Boy Scouts, and school groups.


QVRA leadership understands the importance, need, and value of the water runoff reduction.  We have spent the money, done the work, and secured the property.  Soccer families and other citizens of the area, though, are deeply disappointed about where their donations had to go.

We all expected a soccer field, playgrounds, and trails.  Fourteen years after we started, the citizens of all 11 communities are more ready than ever to build the park our community needs and deserves! To this end, in 2022, the Quaker Valley Recreation Facilities Development Fund (QVRFDF) was founded in order to complete the field development project. 


Support the Leo Moss Memorial Soccer Field at The James P. Bouchard Family Park, and be a part of the Legacy! 

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